Sunday, March 3, 2013

WarThunder forum moderators ban people for questioning devs

WarThunder forum moderators ban people for questioning developing team

Few days ago I posted a thread on the WT forums, titled "I'm done".
The main points of my topic for leaving the game were two facts: the game has yet to have a proper match maker and two, the game does not have proper plane balance between tiers.
These are not new issues and have arisen ever since the game was in Closed BETA (2012). Nothing has been done.Only vague promises that things would get looked into, without actual fruition.

As is with internet things got "interesting" (not really) and trojan, the forum administrator come to question my integrity, so I replied.
I posted few questions that shall remain unanswered, I'm banned for 4 days and topic is locked.

  • if the game is in BETA, witch isn't, why there are no indications of it being so on the launcher nor inside the game

WT launcher
WT retail client
  • since we are beta testers, and we aren't, why don't we have access to the dev server
  • if WT is in BETA why there will be no database wipes at launch? and why Gaijin is accepting non-refundable payments for a BETA product?
  • There is also the question of the shop prices that Gaijin doesn't want to answer. In this forum thread people come into question that Gaijin is actually overcharging EU players by 29% more for the exact same thing, compared to RU and US
top - what RU players pay / mid - what US players pay / bottom - what EU players pay

Gaijin said it was VAT, but it was proven that, on top of the VAT they overcharge EU customers exclusively.
They do not want to answer it.

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