Tuesday, March 19, 2013

WarThunder 1.29 update video overview

Today, Gaijin released the 1.29.x update and they had this video overview to highlight the changes:

For a comprehensive (not complete) list of changes, check WT EU forums.

I played a bit with this new update on the dev server and as of today on the live server, and I will say this: update 1.29 is the worst update in WarThunder's history.
It may very well be the point of no return, where people will leave the game if the issues raised by players on both RU and EU forums will not get addressed.

They introduced a pay2win mechanic in the game and they refused to reply to the issue. Basically there is a buy-able token called "back-up plane" that allows to play the same plane if you get shot down in the same battle (only works in arcade mode).

Heavy bombers and ground attack planes (I'm not talking about the JU-87 dive bombers, but the P-47 or HellCat), cannot release bombs if the plane is not at a certain vertical angle. This makes dive bombing with a heavy bomber impossible. Also, it makes bombing with ground attack planes guess work.

The so called "new economy" is a sham. They indeed lower the repair costs for a lot of planes, but they increased the purchase costs for higher tier planes by a huge amount. Also they nerfed the income for destroying ground targets and enemy planes.

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