Saturday, March 23, 2013

I'm no longer covering WarThunder

That's it! I'm fed up with the developer's imbecility and "in your face" money grab schemes.
From the still unresolved and unanswered EU shop overchages issue to the pay2win elements inside the game itself. No more!

WarThunder started out to be a very serious contender to WarGaming's "empire", but Gaijin made it all gone downhill with 1.29 update. I sincerely do not understand them why would they knowingly and bluntly go against the community, not only EU but RU also. They closed down topics discussing the recent changes, they ignored completely to reply to the issues ever when the patch was on the dev server, they still do.

I did not quit WoT to go into another pile of steaming shit. I wish time travel was a "thing", so I can go back and punch myself in the face for spending money on WarThunder and promoting the game.
If I am to chose between two evils, I chose to stay with the evil I know.

I have nothing against the game, at it's core it remains a very good game. But Gaijin ... rotten soviet mentality 'till the end, same as WarGaming.
No discussion of upcoming changes with the community, if someone speaks up, he gets banned- developers are "gods" and no one is allowed to contest them.

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