Thursday, March 7, 2013

MWO - consumables back to the drawing board

Following the original announcement of consumables, you can read about here, and the backlash from the community, PGI went back to the drawing board and rethought the whole consumable business. Link to the post made by Paul Inouye, here.

Although on paper it looks better, is it still Pay2Win? Yes it is!

Although the upgraded consumable and the cash one look similar, they are not.
While the cash module is simply click&buy, the upgraded module requires 15K GXP - that's a freaking lot of matches to play.
Let's assume you will convert XP into GXP for cash. For 1MC you can convert 25XP into 25GXP, for 15000XP to GXP you need to spend 600MC - wow!!!

For 600MC you can already buy 40 tier3 MC consumables.
Playing normally, no conversion for cash, you won't even get close to 15k GXP in 40 matches.

This whole thing doesn't even take into consideration the cost in C-Bills you will have to pay for a tier2 consumable each time you buy one - 40k/item

PS: is it me or coolant flush will make DHS (not in the engine) act like 2.0 heat dissipation as they should've behaved in the 1st place?
CF-100+CF110U or CF-200 = 24/49 = 49%
1.4+49%=2.086 ... makes you wonder if PGI didn't planned this from the day they introduced DHS and decided to make them 1.4.

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