Friday, March 22, 2013

SWToR - Acceptable Risk companion quest guide

Found myself in a bit of a conundrum with the quest handed by my companion Aric Jorgan, Acceptable Risk.
The quest in question has you on the planet Tatooine in search for the captive Lieutenant Torve,  Jorgan's former XO.

The problem you face immediately is that the obvious route has you trough an imperial outpost filled with lvl50 guards and no way around. Well .. there is a way, actually 2, but none are clear.
The 2nd one is going trough Outlaw's Den, a PvP area - some may find it unacceptable.

The 1st choice is to go trough the Dune Sea. So, once on Tatooine, take a speed straight to Outpost Torazan . Then head east-south-east following the right side of the map near the walls until you see a big stone arch and some sand people.

There you will find this hidden passage called Banta Drifts Tunnel:

Head straight trough and once on the other side, head south towards the objective. If you played as an imperial, this location should be very familiar.

There you go, hope my guide was helpful.

Side note: there is also a datacron in this region, might wanna look it up.


  1. thank you dude for this guide its gonna help em save time

  2. Thank you, omg, I spent so much time until I found this. <3

  3. Thanks for the intel, however, this was a waste of a mish :P Only 6 XP...

  4. Absolutely awesome! Thank you!!!