Thursday, March 21, 2013

[Updade] StarTrek OnLine - Romulans a playable race?

Cryptic has uploaded a teaser trailer for Legacy of Romulus:

Official info directly from Cryptic, here.

You guys remember my previous post regarding today's imminent announcement? Turns out that a NeoGAF forum member, Sir Fragula, stumbled upon some interesting info:
Star Trek Online: Legacy of Romulus 
Romulus and Remus are destroyed. You are one of the survivors, fighting for life after an unthinkable destruction. 
Your people lives a dark and dangerous period, the Tal'Shiar quiets any rebellions and mysterious creatures spread terror in far reach colonies. 
You must rebuild an Empire. Gather your allies, work undercover, and find proof that will rally your people around your revolt. 
Together, you will rise against your oppressor and claim your freedom. You fight for your people. 
You are the heritage of Romulus.

  • "Romulan Republic" playable faction
  • KDF and Romulans will be playable from level 1 to 50 - currently KDF starts at 20
  • New Reputation System for an anti-Tholian task force
  • Complete UI revamp - improved look and feel, option to customise colour scheme
  • Denise Crosby returns to provide voice for Empress Sela

Romulan ships

Romulan character creation

new UI
unnamed Beta-Quadrant new enemy faction - Tholians ?

To me it seems a very opportunity to get back in playing STO.

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