Monday, March 18, 2013

WarThunder EU forum staff abuses power, again

It's not that I didn't saw it coming, but ...... hmmm

So, what happened? I was posting/replying on the 1.29 dev server speculation thread minding my business and all of the sudden a mod (apparently mods are staff) trolls me, so I call him out for trolling. He promptly deletes my posts, I call him out again and .. wham! he notifies an admin that banned me:

Warning issued by auscam for Staff Abuse in Profile. Given 2 points.Suspended for 4 daysYou have been warned before about your comments.  There is a system in place to report posts if you feel so inclined.  To openly accuse a mod of being a troll is also unacceptable and amounts to staff abuse and against forum rules as would it be against a forum member.
You have been suspended for 4 days for your actions.  Please reflect on those actions during this time.
I submitted a ticket to support, quite curious on what the reply will be.

If mods are payed for harass and trolling people on the forums, well this particular mod did a good job. But if mods are payed to moderate, well ... he did a piss poor job.

Note: auscam is not the mod I'm talking about (he just issued the ban), I frankly don't recall his name.

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