Thursday, April 4, 2013

WarGaming.Net lifts the NDA for World of Warplanes

4th of April 2013, Wargaming.Net lifts the Non Disclosure Agreement over World of Warplanes:
The time for Open Beta and full release of World of Warplanes draws closer.  We are pleased to announce that today, on April 4th, the NDA for the game has been lifted.  This means that closed beta testers can now share all their thoughts, screenshots and videos for the game with the world at large.
To mark this notable occasion in the game’s history, we have some special events planned!  The first of these will be a live streaming event in which community team members Flyiertank and Kabazabak will be taking to the skies in order to give an overview of the game.  Commentary and moderation will be provided by Pixyl, who will also be answering your questions during the stream. 
The livestream will begin at 19:00 CEST (GMT + 2) on Thursday April 4th, and will last for 1-2 hours.  Tune in on our World of Warplanes Twitch TV page to see all the action!
Source: WoWp EU portal

Knowing 1st hand the state the game is currently in, I think their move is rather rushed. I do not believe WoWp is ready for prime-time, but it's not my decision to make.

Lifting the NDA means that OPEN BETA is extremely close, and yet, the dev team has not addressed the numerous controls issues raised since last patch(es).

Since I am allowed to "speak", I will tell you that the WoT mouse control scheme has an induced input lag of 330 milliseconds - it's huge! and makes aiming a guess work.

Let me explain, each time you point your mouse in a new heading, the time between your mouse moved and the moment the plane reacts, it's 330ms.
So, each time you maneuver your plane, it will react 1/3 of second late.



  1. doesn´t matter if you have problems with the mods or whatever the reason was.. BUT its pretty clear.. war thunder is waaaaaaay better than this shit.. dont like it at all.. cant wait for the army branch of war thunder..

    1. I'm not going back to WarThunder, that pay2win shit they pulled with last patch made me angry for spending money on them
      It's the same reason I quit WoT last year

      Will WoWp succeed? I have serious doubts this game will leave Open BETA .. but hey, stranger things happened.

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