Wednesday, April 24, 2013

MWO forums - what to do when community is upset?

WEll, you could do as PGI did with MWO's forums, fragment the fuck out of it so no one has a clue where their topics went or where to create new ones.

there used to be a section titles "general discussion", now it no more? Reason? none from PGI.
I can think of one: they want to silence the upset community and they devised a plan to do it, fragment the section to a degree that makes it impossible to have criticism.

Instead of dealing with the issues raised in many of the topic in that section, PGI decided it's best to just delete the whole darn thing.

Where did the topics from this section go? most of them, you guess it, in the "off topic section". But how come, since they were very on-topic.
Yes, I know a lot of topics in the section did not belong, but that's moderator's job.
Doesn't matter to PGI.

This move also makes it hard to new players to find info or have a general discussion with the more experienced players, not anymore they won't.

PGI made it clear to the community that they do not listen to the forums and they also have switched to announcing stuff on twitter ... no more "news" where the news should be, on the game's website, the front page.
Perhaps they should move the forums to twitter as well.

Why PGI did this? only they know, but I bet it has something to do with the "news" that got delayed. With the forums shift, this can't be good news.

To some, this may be familiar, it is! HellGate: London forums ring any bells?

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