Friday, April 19, 2013

STO Legacy of Romulus - 1st CBT impressions

I got a invite from Cryptic to Legacy of Romulus Closed BETA testing. And since there is no NDA, I can share a few things you you.

There is a new interface design, and if you read the STO dev blogs you would know more about it than I do.
The character creation is as extensive as we know it from before, but the only race so far I can chose playing as Romulan, no Remans?

The saga starts in a farming colony that is attacked by some one / some "things" (drones) working with or for the Tal Shiar.
Why the attacks? we learn that many other colonies suffered at the hands of the Tal Shiar, is still a mistery. I haven't progressed that much.

Here are a few screenshots I took:

new loading screen

new character selection screen - looks awesome

creating my romulan

town's market

now I go to the stars

colonists in distress

Tal Shiar warbird and an unknown ship/species allied with them

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