Monday, April 8, 2013

[UPDATE] MWO ClanWars - accessible only via subscription

Wait .. what!?!
Yeah, I know ... my jaw dropped to when I read it. I'm not making this up, here read it for yourselves.
We really want people who participate in this to be as engaged as possible. And we'll probably require them to have a premium time account, as a kind of dedication level.
Mr. Bryan Ekman, are you out of your god damn mind?

I can totally understand charging a fee when creating a clan, WoT and others do this also. But to demand that players should have premium account to play in Clan Wars .. this is nuts!

This has already sparked quite a backlash on MWO official forums.

So, PGI is not only splitting the community, they're fragmenting it to shit.
There will be segregated regional servers, out of those: 1st person players, 3rd person players, both; and out of those some will pay for CW while others won't - what the fuck! who is the moron who thinks of this stuff??

Expect a update to this, I "heard" there will be an official comment from the devs regarding this issue.

[Update 1]

Just moments ago, they have now closed the topic in question and created an "official" feedback topic: COMMUNITY CONCERNS REGARDING RUSS BULLOCK INTERVIEW

[Update 2]

Bryan Ekman posted this, 17 minutes ago on twitter:
To all those worrying about CW. It's not what you think.  I'll be more than happy to go over details later next week.
He can post on twitter that we are wrong, ok ... although it sounds extremely fishy on how exactly we're wrong, but I'll bite.
And yet he doesn't have 30 minutes to post a explanatory topic on the official forums, forums that are currently at the boiling point.
Sounds to me that they're backpedaling and searching a way to get on top of  this fuck-up they created.

[Update 3]

I had to go to sleep, but late last night, editor of the original article from Polygon was kind enough to reply to us on Twitter and get some things straight. He will also try to reach PGI and get a comment from them.

There was no misinterpretation, no misquote or taking a quote out of context at all:

[Update 4] 04-April

Bryan Ekman‏ @Druidika - I will be doing a series of posts over the coming weeks and months. It's a huge feature.

[Update 5] 08-April

Bryan posted today a clarification regarding the Polygon article and their monetization plans for CW:
No, we will not require players to have a Premium Account to play in a Merc Unit. 
Yes, we are considering monetizing aspects of Community Warfare. 
  • A small one-time MC and/or CB fee to create a Merc Corp*
  • Some aspects of CW will reward players with MC, we are considering a Premium Account requirement to participate in these rewards. This will not prevent non-paying customers to participate in all aspects of CW with their friends and teammates.
  • If we decided to launch Private Matches, they will likely require a Premium Account to cover costs of hosting a match on our hardware.
* We are looking at ways to prevent/mitigate name reserving and parking. We may simply require players to have a minimum of 1 company or 12 active players to maintain a valid status. 
At this time no final decisions have been made.

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