Sunday, April 21, 2013

SWToR and free2play limitations

I've come across a lot of people saying that the limitations on free to play and preferred accounts aren't so bad, because what lacks can be bought from GTN (Galactic Trade Network).

The reality is very different. prices on GTN for unlocks is exorbitant and unreachable for most item even by preferred account owners, because they sell it above 350K credits.

Last week I found someone willing enough to sell me a "artifact equipment unlock" for my toon for 350K although he had listed it on GTN for over 900K credits. I explained to him the situation and he understood.

Today, I reached 350K credits again, and I wanted to buy a "Section-X (account)" unlock for the entire account. Keep in mind that the prices in CC (Cartel Coins) for the above mentioned item and this one is similar if not exactly the same.
I made my case to the seller, and he refused saying he'd lose 500K credits if he would sell it to me.

My question is, since subscribers get automatic access to Section-X, to artifact gear, who are these people sell these unlocks on GTN to? Back to the subscribers, because they're the only one without a limited wallet? Or was it intended to be sold to us, the preferred account owners and free players with limited wallets.

So, how one can lose 500K credits from something he won't sell?!

I've put a buy message on the char, but no one else replied. So, I used my credits to buy some other stuff. Once I get to lvl50, 46 now, I will try and appeal to people again ... hopefully someone is understanding enough.

I'm also appealing to you, if you read this and currently play, or have the possibility to create an account on french server "Battle Meditation PVE-RP" and you are willing to sell me an "Section-X (account)" unlock ...
Send me a message on Agent's-Orange - this is the toon I currently play and plan to stick with it because it's the only one (for now) that can use artifact gear.

My list of toons:

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