Saturday, April 20, 2013

WarGaming EU moderators - Komitet gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti

Komitet gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti, a.k.a. KGB (Комитет государственной безопасности).
That's what WarGaming's moderators have turned into. When someone speaks against them or dears to get angry, some enthusiastic moderator finds a reason to ban you.

With the recent breach of security in WarGaming's database and releasings our credentials to god knows who, they found an easy way out, paying 300 gold for changing our passwords. So, they pay us a total of 1 Euro for their imbecility and total amateurism. HA!

Keep in mind this is not the 1st time a security breach happened to WarGaming. Let me quote you something very interesting from a recent Kasperky Labs analysis: Winnti. More than just a game

Kaspersky researchers first came across Winnti malicious activities in the autumn of 2011, when a malicious Trojan was detected on a large number of end-user computers worldwide. Infected computers were linked by the fact that victims were fans of a popular (unnamed) online game. (I will name it, it's WoT)
Soon afterwards it emerged that the malware used in the attack was spread as part of a regular update from the gaming company’s official server.

So, these fuckers knew ever since 2011 that their systems were breached, that their servers distributed and possibly infected god knows how many of their clients, and they said nothing, NOTHING!
They, WarGaming, kept quiet, and now they expect everyone to be content with the misery of what is 1 Euro in virtual currency.

And they are getting away with it, because everyone who speaks of this and has the right to question their integrity gets banned:
The warning you have received is for an infraction of a minor level and grants you 1 warning point and brings you to total of 13 warning points.
Considering the standing procedures and your record of continuous rule violations you are hereby issued 30 days read only status and a final warning prior to permanent suspension. 
Kind RegardsHunter1911
They didn't deleted my posts, they deleted other's people posts and have issued bans to them too. Here is what a friend of mine sent to me:
Ghici ce au facut labagii? Mi-au dat ban 1 zi ca i-am zis unui cretin care postase "OMG what a wonderful event 300g" ca ori troleaza or fumeaza weed. Cica e referinta la activitati ilegale... Asa ca ai grija ce postezi, ca au primit ordine sa ne inchida gura.
Guess what the jerks did? They've banned me for one day because I replied to a moron who posted "OMG what a wonderful event 300g", they're either trolling us or smoke weed. The reason they gave, references to illegal activities ... So, take care and mind what you post, they have orders to silence us.
Thanks for the warning mate, but they already banned me.

Hey WarGaming EU, UP YOURS!

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