Thursday, April 18, 2013

Navy Field 2 goes Open BETA in EU

For those who played the 1st installment of Navy Field, there is no need for introduction. For those who didn't, Navy Field 2 is a top-down real time tactics PvP on-line game. The PvP is arena type battle with up to 64 players in total, 32 vs 32.

Navy Field 2 is developed by SD EnterNET and published in EU and US territories by Nexon.

Starting today, Navy Field 2 has began it's Open BETA phase in Europe. Registrations are now open to everyone interested in the game. If you are interested, go to Navy Field 2 main portal.

There are 4 faction to chose from, with their own particularities:

The Imperial Japanese Navy
The Imperial Japanese Navy has huge fleets and warship armaments. This led to severe tension between themselves and the western nations. Their powerful torpedoes, huge warship guns and highly trained naval battle abilities are a very big threat to their enemies. They are specialized in torpedo performance, their warships’ gunfire damage and their captains’ growth.

The Prussian Navy
The Prussian Navy was combined with the German Navy and thus formed the (KM). (Kaiserliche Marine before / during World War I, Kriegsmarine during World War II) The KM possesses superior scientific technologies compared to the other nations. They have superior abilities in Engine Manufacturing Technology and Warship Gun Stability. Their advanced submarine technology gives them a big advantage with surprise attacks.

The United Kingdom
The United Kingdom, which once had an empire on which the sun never set, has prepared to conquer the seas all over the world. They want to achieve this objective with the help of advanced technologies and a powerful Naval Force. Solid Defense Organization and powerful Warships help to minimize the damage as much as possible.
They are specialized in Defense, Accuracy of Warship Gunfire and Anti-Submarine technology.

United States
United States: The Navy’s Patriotism and Pioneering Spirit based on Cohesion is their main driving force to victory.
Valiant Marines, Superior Air Forces, and Radar Technology which makes it possible to easily track down enemies, enable the players to launch pre-emptive attacks.
Specialized in Abilities of Base Occupation, Aircraft Performance and Long Range Battle (Range of Vision, Range of Naval Gunfire).

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