Monday, March 19, 2012

Upcoming 0.7.2 patch game economy changes [UPDATE - 2]

Today, with the release of 0.7.2 public testing, WG also released a note on the upcoming game economy changes included in this patch.
The long blah blah version here.
The short version, below:

Income Adjustments

  • Early Tiers

In the early game – tiers one through four – all vehicles, regardless of type, will see an increase in credit income. This includes most premium vehicles in that tier range.

  • Light Tanks

Along with the implementation of  the economic improvement, income of all light tanks will be increased. For tier one it will be an increase from 82% to 95%. Tier 2-5 Scouts will receive an increase within the frame from 14% to 58%. While AMX 13 75 and AMX 13 90 will see a 10% increase.

  • Medium Tanks

The changes to medium tanks will see a reduction in credit income for tiers six (reduced on 8 %), seven and eight (from 10% to 5% ). Meanwhile Tier 2-4 will receive an increase from 10% to 40% depending on the vehicle. Tier 5 vehicles will in some cases see a bonus of up to 7%, while others are nerfed, but not by more than 12%. A purely good change awaits owners of top tier vehicles – Tier 9 will receive an increase from 5% to 11%. This will allow to maintain such beasts as ‘M46 Patton’, ‘T-54’ or ‘E-50’ much easier.

  • Heavy Tanks

On Tier 5 it will be increased from 6% to 18%, while Tier 6 will lose some credits – their credit earnings will be reduced 5%-8%.  For tiers seven and eight we will both reduce up to 5% or increase up to 5% the income potential of heavy tanks depending on the particular vehicle.  Pleasant news for Top Tier drivers – their vehicles will receive a boost in the range from 5% to 10%

  • Self-propelled Guns

Many self-propelled guns will see a boost in credit income, including tier eight. On Tiers 2-3 it will be an increase in the diapason from 40% to 60%, on Tier 4-5 it will a 4%-14% bonus, while Tier 8 will receive a boost in the range from 7% to 13%. The only cases where credit income will remain the same are tiers six and seven.

  • Tank Destroyers

Due to the rebalancing of tank destroyer progression, we will be reducing the income of all tank destroyers by somewhere between 3% - 8%, depending on the vehicle. This of course excludes tiers two through four, which will see credit income increases.

Profitability of premium vehicles of tier 5 and above will not change.


Explaining tables

Here you can find the tables explaining these income adjustements for each tank nation. The tanks not mentioned will not see an income change. Info in brackets marked with a star ( * ) refers to repair cost change.

All values in green represent income increase and reduction in repair costs.

All values in red represent income reductions and increase in repair costs.

  • France

  •  Germany

  • Soviet Union

  • US

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  1. A lot to digest isn't it ? I spent the morning thinking this one through and it looks like a positive change. In general, no change in the "Get Premium or have a harder time playing" focus, many places where money is being made easier, and a few where it's harder.