Tuesday, March 20, 2012

CW - battle with owner - draw is considered a victory for the attacker [UPDATE]

Yesterday, when WG added the Western Africa provinces to the CW map, they also modified a very important CW battle rule for landings:

  • in battle with owner, a draw is considered a victory for the attacker

Fact is that WG did not bother to publish this change on the main WoT portal and only did so in the Special Battle window:

Because of this, a few clans that did not took notice of the change or totally ignored it and used the same tactic (totally defensive) and doing so, they lost the landing to the attackers.

After all, who's fault is it? Well ... both, WarGaming's for not properly advertising the change but also the clans fault for not taking notice of the Special Battle window descriptions.
Fact is that some took notice and that's why, yesterday, not all landing provinces were lost to the attackers

Will WG do a roll-back? I don't see why, as far as they're concerned they've informed everyone thru the Special Battle window. If clans did not bother to read it, it's not WG's fault, is it?!


Yesterday, after 3 days, WG acknowledged the issue and posted a statement on the portal:
On 19-20 March, 2012, clans, partaking in Clan Wars, fought for provinces according to the Global Map conquest rules. One of them states that a province is taken by the enemy forces if a battle with its owner ended in draw.

Based on clans reports, developers have detected an issue with the Global Map battles which ended incorrectly: after the conquest, a province was still taken by the enemy forces if a battle with its owner ended in draw. At the present moment, the development team is working on fixing the specified flaw.

Thank you all for your feedback. We will keep you updated on the progress. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Please note that the results of the current battles are counted as successful and their outcomes will not  be revised.

A few notes:
  • will they revert landing to original owners - nope
  • did they admit it was a mistake on their part - nope
  • "battles which ended incorrectly" - but they did end correctly according to Special Battle window
  • to my knowledge, the draw landing rule is still not reverted to original

And after all this, there are still players who believe in their lies ...

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