Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tank freeze for EU Clan Wars

The long awaited feature called "tank freezing" for Clan Wars is here. Praised by some, hated by many, this feature will freeze a tank destroyed in a CW battle for a specified amount of time depending on it's tier and type.
The duration of the suspension depends on the vehicle’s tier: the higher the tier that the vehicle belongs to, the longer it’s suspension will last. Vehicles of Tier 1 will not get locked out at all. Furthermore there’ll also be no lockout in the starting tournaments at landing, regardless of tier or combat result. In addition to that, previously suspended vehicles also will be able to participate in these tournaments as well. However this exception does not apply in final battles with the province owner, where the lockout feature will come into effect again.

The chart shows you how long (in hours) the tanks get locked out depending on their tier

This feature will be implemented starting with 15th of March at 10:00 CET (GMT+1)