Friday, March 2, 2012

Some new info about 0.7.2 from "Storm"

In a recent interview with, developer called "Storm" had some info to share.

Note: original text is in russian, some translation errors might occur or make no sense at all.

  • Rescale models of tanks: IS-3 IS-4 IS-7, ISU-152, Object 704, S-51 (according to Overlod, some russian tanks are overscaled)
  • Reworked balancing algorithm for teams of tanks in random battles. Posted interrupt the long series of hits in the high-level battles. (according to Overlord, if you get in a long streak of matches against hi tiers, you'll be then put in lower tiers)
  • Rebalanced settings for the French branch of tanks, introduced in version 0.7.1. (A complete description of the changes will be ready to release a patch.) 
  • Changed the angles of declination for the following tank guns: AMX 12t, AMX 13 75, AMX 13 90, D2, B1, AMX M4 1945, AMX 50 100
  • Now reduces the damage of the screens mines taking into account its thickness and location. 
  • Absorption (blocking) armor explosive damage reduced by 20%. 
  • Fixed frequent non-penetration of the tank in contact with a weapon after breaking through the screen (mask tools or instruments of reservation.) 
  • The sight added to the indicator remaining in the drum (or in the cassette / tape) shells. (french revolver type tanks)
  • For a wide list of commands added to the state of the markers and tags platoons clans. 
  • The substrate is made ​​of lists of commands more transparent. 
  • The width of the lists of commands in the "wide" mode is now adjusted to the most comprehensive player nickname in the list (before the width of the list has always been the maximum.) 
  • When you press "TAB" now instead of a table with a list of commands displayed "wide" mode list of commands. 
  • Reworked the color and geometry of some German camouflage to better fit the real historical camouflage. 
  • Now, if a module is broken or bruised Only one crew member, the repair module or crew member is treated with a single click without having to select the module or crew member. 
  • Added display of the input language on login screen. 
  • Added an extended set of markers on the tanks in the normal and expanded (when you press Alt) mode. 

  • Added advanced configuration of sight in the sniper mode.
  • Added additional messages to detect the enemy, damage to the enemy "lit up" the player to destroy the enemy "lit up" player.
  • Changed the format of the record fights. Records from version 7.1 will not play in version 7.2 and vice versa. 
  • Fixed "twitching" when viewing the tank battle.
  • In the shutdown mode interface (by pressing "V") removed unnecessary display of messages and tokens of tanks.
  • The howitzer sight is now permanently displays the distance to the marker gun.
  • Changed the color of the flags on the bases. Now the color of the flag of its base is always green, and the enemy - always red.
  • Fixed "sticky" marker on the minimap view.

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