Thursday, March 15, 2012

3 days strategy to kick someone from a landing

Now with tank freezing in Clan Wars I thought of a strategy to kick a clan from a landing province withing 3 days.
How? simple:

  • 1st day - apply for landing, battle your way through the qualifications with your top tier tanks and in the battle with owner, jump to tier9 heavies, tier 7 arty and T-50-2s with the sole objective to knock out as many of their top tier tanks as you can
  • day 2 - apply for landing and fight your way to the last qualification round (before battle with owner), where you forfeit to the other clan; the objective is to force the province owning clan to lose more top tier tanks and none to you
  • day 3 - again, apply for landing and fight your way through; in battle with owner use your top tier tanks, the idea is that in those 2 first days, the clan owning the province would have lost enough top tier tanks so they won't be able to fill the entire roster.
owner kicked
  • in day 4, you have your own NAP and forfeit the province to a friendly clan with fresh top tiers
  • day 5-7 you play top tiers in qualifying rounds and have to win final so owner won't have to lose top tiers in landing battle; meantime, NAP clan secures a province or two
  • day 8, NAP clan forfeits the landing province to your clan



  1. Any serious clan has at least 70 tier 10. It will take a lot more to kick them out. Also this tank freeze ting will solidify alliances, it will be even harder for a new clan to occupy a valuable territory. It will be hard to advance any further than the landing.

  2. it's valid against medium sized clans, clans that guard the big clans landings
    medium clans don't have all top tiers/member and not all arty players have both or all 3 arty units
    once the landigs fall, the bigger clans are open for attack