Tuesday, March 6, 2012 patch on RU server, tomorrow

Tomorrow, during the interval 3-5 AM Moscow time, RU server will get the patch. is an transition update necessary for the upcoming 0.7.2 patch.

An important aspect when installing
If a player has replaced files in the game folder (custom modifications), then, to avoid downloading files totaling up to 5 GB, it's recommended that you delete the game folder entirely and install World of Tanks again by downloading the full installer version (2,44 Gb).
If there were no modifications to game files, the launcher will only download 10Mb of data required for update.

  1. Packaging resources:
      • a new file format for storing files is introduced, aimed at optimizing loading of game's maps
  2. A separate folder for mods:
      • every time a patch will be released, a new folder will be created for storing the mods; giving the player the ability to chose witch mods he wishes to move from the old folder to the current version

Note: the global testing of 0.7.2 patch is planned for the coming days.

Source: WoT RU portal

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