Friday, March 30, 2012

0.7.2 patch today

Much sooner than expected, WarGaming.Net announced the release of update 0.7.2 for today, between the hours 05:00-13:00 GMT.

Due to the maintenance, Global Map and Clan Wars will be unavailable from March 30th 03:15 GMT untill March 31th 03:15 GMT.

Summarized features of the 0.7.2 patch:

  • new maps - Province and Live Oaks;
  • US tank destroyers with turning turrets line: M8A1, T49 , M18 (Hellcat), T25-2, and T28 prototype;
  • changes in the US heavy tanks line;
  • 22 new crew skills and perks;
  • new camouflages for all nations.

The full list of implementations with 0.7.2 update can be found here.

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