Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Getting banned from US forums for negative comment

I don't usually go to US forums often or post that much there, but this Golden Joystick affair (bribery) got to me and I posted my view on things. I do go there mostly because they post information of the game status a lot faster than WoT EU portal ever did.
My post was not offensive in any way and I made sure I did not use words in offensive manner and still they completely deleted my post and immediately banned me from the forums for a unrelated reason:

0 Game alt account, offendingPermanent restriction

You would think that a country like America that was build on the foundations of civil liberties they would not do that, but still they did and I felt deeply offended by the treatment I got. They run the forums like the secret soviet police and delete any form of negative comment toward their company and products.
I immediately contacted support and demanded an explanation, in reply they lifted my ban:

Dear Player,
Thank you for contacting World of Tanks support.
The current sanction has been removed from your account. Part of the confusion came from you account not having any battles on the NA Server, please be careful when posting on forums while not having any games player on our server.
Thank you for contacting World of Tanks support, and please do not hesitate to call on us again.

Best Regards,
Christopher Mckenny
Wargaming Support Service

Update: After some more talk with support, they restored my post but they did not removed the warning points I received ... oh well. Thankfully the support team has more common sense than the moderators.
For those interested, you can view the original post here.

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