Monday, September 10, 2012

0.8.0 premium tanks

As you might probably know, WG decided a while back no to release new premium tanks without proper testing and balancing. So, every time they decide on a new premium tank they will include it in the public test but only made available to the super-tester and not to the general public until stage 2 is achieved.

Here are the new premium tanks WG is working on:

PZ-4 with Schmalturm turret

Price: 3000 Gold
HP: 780
Crew: Commander, Gunner, Driver, Radioman and Loader

Max Speed: 46 km/h
Traverse: 36 dg/s
Load limit: 32t
Engine: 300 hp

Turret traverse: 25 dg/s
View range: 370m

RoF: 13.04
Accuracy: 0.35
Aiming time: 2.3 s
Damage: 150/135

Panther M10

Tier 7 / Medium Tank
Price: 8000 Gold
HP: 1300
Panther's armor, turret 45mm with front 100mm
Crew: Commaner, Gunner, Driver, Radioman and Loader

Max speed: 46 km/h
Traverse: 38 dg/s
Load limit: 49t
Engine: 700 hp

Turret traverse: 38 dg/s
View range: 350m

RoF: 13.13
Accuracy: 0.35
Aiming time: 2.3 s
Damage: 150/135


Tier 7 / Tank Destroyer
Price: 10 000 Gold
HP: 850
Armor: Front 90mm(mantlet 120mm?), Sides 75mm, Back 45mm
Crew: Commander/Radioman, Gunner, Driver and Loader

Max speed: 47.5 km/h
Traverse: 42 dg/s
Load limit: 35t
Engine: 500 hp

View range: 360m

RoF: 8.11
Accuracy: 0.41
Aiming time: 2.9 s
Damage: 170/390

Source: WoTBase.RU

Note: the stats of these tanks are only informative, they can change once they are approved to be released on live server.

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