Saturday, September 15, 2012

WoT EU community @ work

For promoting the Golden Joystick Awards nomination for World of Tanks in the Best MMO category, WG Europe decided to create a contest.
A contest that requires users to submit forum signatures following a set of rules. Those signatures then shoul be posted on the special forum tread.

Simple? sound like it, but what WG EU did next will blow your mind ... for voting the nominations and electing the best forum signature, they requested the forum users to +rep the posts representing the signature they like - link here. And of course ended up in a major trolling contest on who gets the most neg reps.

WG EU getting overwhelmed with trolling has even turned to the word "please"

Guys, please don't give minus reputation. If you don't like a signature just ignore it. We're here voting for the best ones!
Pluses only +

Could've they used the simple and effective pool with one vote per account? They could've ... but they didn't.

Internet at it's best
WoT EU community at it's worst.

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