Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Benchmarking 0.8.0 update

Yesterday, WG updated their public test server of upcoming 0.8.0 patch to version #3

As far as I played with this new iteration I noticed that the engine performed better than previous iterations and a lot better than we currently have on live server (0.7.5) so I decided to make benchmarks of two different maps.
They did a pretty good job at refining the new engine, the current one we have on live (0.7.5) can barely sustain 60 FPS on my system (see the config below) and constantly drops to the 20FPS range.

These are the settings I use when normally play, for benchmarking purposes I disabled V-Sync, but normally I have it on. Also, I used a single mod, the shadow scope remover.

The custom settings I use are based on high quality preset:

And here is my system:

CPU: Intel Core2 Quad Q9550 @2.83Ghz
MEM: 8Gb DD2 1066Mhz
VID: ATi/AMD HD 7870 2GbRam GDD5

For each of the two maps, El Hallouf and WestField I benched, I used my custom settings and the maximum quality preset.
I used the battle replays and FRAPS in benchmark mode with the option to log the framerate.

El Hallouf

min: 55 | max: 122 | avg: 91 - custom
min: 20 | max: 93   | avg: 66 - max


min: 49 | max: 120 | avg: 77 - custom
min: 30 | max: 78   | avg: 48 - max

As you can see, the framerate the new render can sustain is more than decent, even on maximum quality settings.
There is a framerate "hit" when playing on WestField but that is because of the foliage (bushes, trees) that barely exist on El Hallouf.

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