Thursday, August 30, 2012

Upcoming 0.8.0 projectile normalization changes

For some time now it was only in a state of rumor that "normalization" will get a significant change in upcoming 0.8.0 update, but now it's confirmed via Overlord's own blog:

It was decided that in 8.0 update the normalization value will be decreased to 4-5 degrees for all rounds.
The change is supposed to raise the importance of armour in the game, leading to increase of "we-didn't-even-scratch-'em" shots.
Aiming weakspots and not shooting blindly will become even more beneficial.
Precise vehicle control and aiming FTW!

What exactly does that mean for every WoT player?

  • well .. you will not be able to penetrate targets with ease, and that if it wasn't a problem already
  • an increase in ammo cost at the end of the battle since well you have to shoot more because many shots will bounce/ricochet or even miss the target entirely
  • and with that will get a lower income / battle
  • with long range shots will be harder and harder to get a penetration
  • tanks that have hi slope armor and/or skirt armor will become more "invincible"
  • tanks that have low pen values for their guns, and here note the E-100's KwK 44 L/38 gun will suddenly become undesirable to play with
  • SPGs that fire HE ammo will be the killing machine since HE ammo does not "benefit" from normalization

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