Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Short Q&A regarding upcoming 0.8.0 patch testing

_Terrible_ : Storm, how can we demount the permanent equipment in the test server if the gold is no longer provided?
Strorm: We will give you 250 gold per a day.

en777: Dear Storm, in a recent answer you said that the test 0.8.0 Gold all the same will not be given, and that the prem-tanks for testing will be issued immediately.
In this regard, the question is not whether the plan is for this reason to transfer the experience in free on the test free of charge, or at least for the credits? For I, and many other players are issued on a test using gold mainly for the free transfer of experience. And having lost it, pumping equipment, and testing will be delayed for a longer time than usual.
Storm: All the tanks will be issued immediately. Nothing to research.

dim572: All tanks will be with the crew? If so, will the crew immediately 100%?
Storm: Yes, Plus experience for 3 perks.

dw_papik: Question about fighting gamemodes . As this option would work in the case of a platoon? For example, one of the players off the platoon head-on battle, for others it is turned off? Or choice of modes will depend on the platoon commander (all the players together)?
Storm: To disable the platoon will not work.

1mihaluch1: why should I play these modes if I do not like them?, I want to play in the platoon, and without too many I'm sure. what is the problem why you can not do it for the entries?
Storm: Because I do not have time.

MihalichHCK: The number of artillery. Will you cut down per battle? 6 to 10 artys is to much. In my opinion more than 2 to 3 is to much. And clearly visible contrast between the average level at which the arts play a little and a lot of fun and top with 8 arts and it is better not to play.

Storm: We nerf the self-propelled guns.


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