Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wargaming.Net acquires BigWorld

I just found out, and needed to share/discuss, the news that WarGaming.net bought for 45 million USD the Australian firm responsible for the BigWorld engine.

What that means for WarGaming, well it means they can control the engine development in house and shape it to their exact specs for the Word of # games franchise.

For those who do not know what BigWorld is, is the name of the engine that powers the World of Tanks and World of Warplanes.

What it means for us, the players? well it kinda means nothing since BigWorld has proven to be the shityest MMO engine out there that anyone can licence. And WG went all out and payed 45mil for all of it, how stupid is that!? LOL
I could name a couple of other engines that have proven to be able to handle vast spaces (maps), complex objects and physics and for god's sake .. they don't cost 45mil a licence.

God damn ... how much stupidity those WG heads can handle?!
I mean what the fuck! that's what WG does with our money? spends it on companies that are black holes ...

Well yeah, since now they control the engine directly they would someday perfect it and provide WoT with a better experience but, how long will that take and how much money this will eat up? another 45mil!?

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