Saturday, December 31, 2011

Lowe vs Type59, who's the better farmer

So the question is who's the better farmer between Löwe and Type59? Short answer is Type59.
The more detailed one, read below.

Cost in gold:
Löwe - 12500
Type59 - 7500

Statistics taken from by battles

  • battles: 409
  • total damage done: 672148
  • avg dmg/battle: 1,643.39
  • battles: 489
  • total damage done: 710313
  • avg dmg/battle: 1452.58
The difference is about one more penetrating shell, shell that costs 1030 Cr for Lowe vs 252 Cr for Type59.

Let's calculate the total shell costs:


  • shells fired: 3594
  • total cost: 3701820 Cr
  • shells fired: 5799
  • total cost: 1461348 Cr
Difference .. that's 2.2mil Cr wasted in ammo for Lowe, although I have less battles fought with it.

Also taken from my battle statistics, showing something interesting: although I have more battles with T59, I have more total time played with Lowe. Wasted time spent in Battle .. no doubt!

Bottom line is that Löwe cost a lot more gold than Type59, has a greater shell cost, is a lot slower (comparing it with the other heavy tanks in it's tier).

Note: There is one negative aspect of the Type59 I forgot to mention .. since there is no chinese tech tree, training the crew of this tanks is absolutely useless. I do hope in the future will have such a tech tree.
At least, you can re-train the Lowe crew to any other german tank you want.


  1. Interesting analysis.. if you're interested, I'll add my type 59 stats when I can get them again. Remember however, that the Type 59 matchmaking is very favorable compared to the Löwe currently, and will be changed with the next patch! The noodle cup will get into tier 10 matches then also.

  2. the T59 already goes into tier 10 matches, not as often but still does

    after a few hundred matches when 0.7.1 gets released and stats will show different things, I'll do another blog post

  3. КV-5 vs Type 59
    862 XP average 957
    2314 Max XP 2017
    56,0% Win percentage 60,4%
    1,45 frag average 1,48
    1606 Damage per battle 1543
    81,6 Shot percentage 79,3

    I like them the same, can't say one is better, different playstyle (one is medium, the other is heavy), about the same income

  4. @red
    well, the KV-5 cost the same as the T59, in gold
    in this case (yours) there is a choice in gameplay style