Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Epic match on "Mountain Pass"

So ... we started on base II and I got spawned right in front of the glacier path. I took my T-54 down the road. At D-7 spotting nothing, I took a hard right turn, went under the bridge and uphill to spot the middle, again nothing .. at that point I was wtf!? where are they. Took another hard left turn seeing a spotted Object704 on the bridge, the moment I saw a MAUS on top of the hill in their base, I was like what the fuck is he doing!? Killed the TD and went for their base to spot for arty, moments later I killed the two enemy arty units, one T29 and a Tiger 2 both heavily damaged by our arty.
My team had rejoined me, point when I circled back under the bridge where there were a couple of enemy units holding that flank. When I arrived, they've already killed a T34 and a Tiger 2 and M6 were still holding our flank, so I killed them and went uphill in their base. A T34 went for me, I shot once, covered behind a wreck, he went uphill, I shot him dead. Now only 2 MAUSes remained in the enemy team and ours had an E-100, one arty, and me. At the point I thought .. hmm their tactic might've actually working.
But we prevailed! I ended up with 8 kills, 35 AP shells fired, and got myself Top Gun, Boelter's Medal and Sniper battle achievements.

Epic fight that comes once in maybe 200 battles.

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