Sunday, December 18, 2011

World of Tanks versus T-44

This entire blog will debate the T-44 as a medium tank and inferiority against it's direct counterparts, Panther 2, Pershing and Type 59.

Comparison between stock tanks:

So, T-44 starts with the least amount of HP in it's tier, with lowest damaging gun and 2nd in penetration from the bottom but with highest rate of fire.
*The Panther 2 has the option to mount the 7,5 cm KwK 45 L/100 that will give 198 avg penetration, 135 dmg at 14.29 rounds per minute, making T-44 a bottom feeder.

Top speed of tier 8 medium tanks:
T-44: 51 Km/h
Panther2: 55 Km/h
Pershing: 48Km/h
Type 59: 56Km/h

T-44 is the 2nd slowest

Traverse speed of tier 8 medium tanks (degrees/sec):
T-44: 45
Panther2: 26
Pershing: 36
Type 59: 45

At least at this section, the T-44 is on par most agile of them with T59 at his side.

Hull armor of tier 8 medium tanks (front/side/rear):
T-44: 90/75/45
Panther2: 100/60/40
Pershing: 102/76/51
Type 59: 100/80/45

In this section, T-44 is the absolute worst armored tier 8 medium (hull).

*note: part 2 here


  1. Dar...
    ♪ Are cea mai 'bouncy' armura dintre toate
    ♫ Primeste LB-1 :)
    ♪ Are acceleratie mai buna decat chinezul
    ♫ Hitbox mic

    Eu nu cred ca e cel mai prost pe tier-ul lui

  2. Schimbari T-44 in 0.7.0 :
    - ammo rack durability increased by 15%.
    - stock suspension traverse speed increase by 2 deg/sec.
    - top suspension traverse speed increased by 1 deg/sec.
    - stock turret view range decreased from 430 to 420m.
    - top turret view range increased from 430 to 440m.
    - added the second turret LB-1 gun.
    - added the 680hp B-54-6 engine.

  3. da, de aia nu e complet si mai e de lucru la articol
    in legatura cu noul motor .. XP aruncat aiurea din moment ce nu e folosit pe T-54, scopul e sa ajugi la T-54 cat mai repede nu?

    ps: cea mai "bouncy" armura? T59 are acelasi design de hull plus 10mm grosime

  4. Asa e dar in joc e altfel decat "pe hartie"
    Din ce am jucat eu cu chinezaria contra t-44, am cam pierdut in afara cazului cand era ala prea noob