Sunday, December 25, 2011

WoT vs T-44 part 2

Read the part 1 here

Following part 1, we'll now discuss the tier 8 medium tanks fully upgraded with their best available equipment:

Keep, in mind that T-44 only recently received the LB-1 gun, and we were forced to use the highly inaccurate 100mm D10T gun.
Some used the 122mm D-25-44 gun but I do not recommend this gun. Why? very high reload, and this gun can  fire once per two shots fired by D10T, also the damage is not double and the shell cost is 4 times greater.

As a fully upgraded tank, the T-44 gets roughly the same gun as T59, but with a slight better rate of fire; also they have the same HP.

The top fully upgraded tier 8 medium tank, at least on paper, is the Panther 2 with highest HP, highest penetration and fastest rate of fire.

*Note: Pershing can use it's top tier gun without the need to upgrade and mount the top turret.

Tier 8 medium tanks upgraded turrets (armor thickness in mm front/sides/rear):
  • T-44: 120/100/100
  • Panther 2: 120/60/60
  • Pershing: 114/76/76

How horrible the T-44 was prior to 0.7.0?
Here are my stats after playing to unlock the tier 9 medium tanks (T-54 and Patton; I do not own a Panther 2 and probably won't ever):

T-44 (played ~99% of the battles with D10T gun):
  • battles required to unlock T-54: 272 (I did not waste Xp to unlock the V-54-6 engine introduced in 0.7.0 nor the 122mm D-25-44 gun)
  • victories: 48%
  • hit ratio: 76%
  • average Xp/battle: 633

  • battles required to unlock Patton: 260
  • victories: 60%
  • hit ratio: 80%
  • average Xp/battle: 798

  • battles played to date: 413
  • victories: 62%
  • hit ratio: 79%
  • average Xp/battle: 760

You can personally check my stats here.

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