Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A very much "fuck you!" from WarGaming.Net

Today, in the evening, I opened the WoT EU portal hoping I could find some info related to the deployment of patch 0.7.1. But what I found was muck more like a slap in the face to every WoT player, a promotional video made by MMORPG.SU and published on EU portal under the title Type59: Tank Fu Fighter.

The whole video is like a voiced over italian kitchen knifes commercial, aimed solely at shoving this tank into gullible players faces. Also this video contains a bunch of lies, misleading the potential buyer:

  • "since Type59 is a tier 8 it's never thrown in battles of the tier 10 and very rarely in 9th" - I own a Type59 and I definitely say this tank gets into tier 9 and 10 battles
  • this video totally ignores the fact that with patch 0.7.1 Type59 will get a +1 point in matchmaking, thus making it a lot easier to find this tank in tier 9 and 10 battles
  • the commentator suggest that with Type59 the player is able to farm ~2mil Cr / day - well .. in one day, with standard account you can get somewhere near or over 1mil Cr, meaning that only with premium account will get 1.5mil to maybe 2mil Cr per day
  • there are more things wrong with this video, enumerating them all it's more like a chore I don't wanna do; just watch the video and learn for yourselves
I'm fully aware this video is not made by WarGaming.Net, but since the video is posted on one of their portals, suggests that this is fully endorsed by them.
Strangely enough, this video was not posted (so far) on the RU and NA portals.

There's no point denying WG is aimed to grab a lot of money from the players, using any means, and neglecting in process their loyal player base; but this video is absolutely saying Fuck You buy our tank to WoT community.

UPDATE: As of few minutes ago, the article was removed from the EU WoT portal following the negative rep the article took from many players.

UPDATE 2:  MMORPG.SU removed the video in question from their YouTube Channel, making it private.

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