Friday, January 6, 2012

WarGaming lied about exclusivity of pre-order tanks

The whole controversy started today immediately after the gift shop was released on the WoT EU portal. It's not the gift shop at question, but what it offers: it offers the ability to purchase/gift a few packages, some include pre-order tanks. Now, pre-order tanks were supposedly exclusive one time offer tanks available with initial pre-order packages.

Now, they're available to everyone ...

I don't own a pre-order tank, but I own a BETA tester tank, the M4A2E4 Sherman. I'd hate it if that tank will suddenly be not exclusive anymore. There's also the fact that WarGaming.Net lied trough their teeth.

Here's the forum topic discussion link.

Update: due to the flame raised by their action, WarGaming decided to remove the packages that included pre-order tanks from the gift shop.
Due to concerns raised by the community the purchase of packages that include the A-32, PzKpfw V-IV and M6A2E1 tanks have been removed from the Gift Shop for the moment. A final decision will be made in the near future as to whether they will be sold in the Gift Shop. Gift Packages that do not involve the Pre-Order Tanks are still available for purchase.

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