Tuesday, November 13, 2012

WoT - gold ammo

Have you seen this? No? take a look and then we talk

So .. yeah! Rejoice World of Tanks players, gold ammo is not for the benefit of the player but to promote e-sports. It is not for aiding the starting clans to fight an roughly same plane field as the long term established clans on the global map (CW). It's for e-sports!

Before the introduction of gold ammo, the units were balanced in their own way, although there were some issues; but on general terms it was balanced. Now as you clearly hear the piece of shit talking the video, he sais something like if a tank benefits too much from gold ammo usage we'll nerf it.
So yeah! they will basically re-balance tanks based on the gold ammo performance and not the standard AP rounds available to everyone from the get-go. It will make players that use standard AP ammo in their tanks the laughing stock.
This will ultimately drive the standard players out of the game because they can't afford the running cost of gold ammo.

If take a look at the pool I started here, it clearly shows that gold ammo users are the ones who either have at least one premium tank and/or have a premium account. That leave the standard players running for the hills.
Before gold ammo for Cr was introduced, the usage of gold ammo was scarce and most prominent from players that belong to clans, and less regular Joe.
Gold ammo is now more Pay-to-Win than ever before.

Mark my words: if WG does not restrict gold ammo usage in random battles and allows it only in training, team company and CW, this is the beginning of the end - WarGaming will kill WoT with their own hands.


  1. Hi zMe,

    You say that you are done with Wargaming and with WoT and write this on a extra big post,but now you start with those posts again.You aren't

    The most theories that you posted before were nothing else as "Wargaming is so silly and the game is getting even worse and I'm the only one who is right" posts and I think you can't believe that you are the one who fail in this game.

    I play WoT and I critize them sometimes but all in all Wargaming do enough things for us.Also the post with the match making and that players in the looser team earn less experience is bullshit.You can't take a theorie on one single match.

    Do you ever think about what you post?

    I played enough matches to see that this only happens when the other team or my team played very well.

    So I think you only posted this after the current situation where you maybe be rightly frustrated but you should wait before you make those posts,which are only filled with rage and anger.

    P.S: I'm sorry for any grammar mistakes.

  2. I do not know you but I can speak for myself when I criticize WG for their shit
    I play since Closed BETA, that's back in 2010 and have currently 14K+ battles, not counting the other 10K during CBT and OBT

    So yeah, I know what I'm talking about, I saw this game from "inception" and saw 1st hand the business model WG uses.

    They do not care about the players, they only care about the cash flow

    Frustrated .. no, not really
    I gave up on WoT a long time ago and I barely play these days, why? because WG does not listen and they only do things as they see fit

    You have your opinion(s), I have mine .. we shall see who's wrong and who'n not

    quote: "Also the post with the match making and that players in the looser team earn less experience is bullshit.You can't take a theorie on one single match"
    single match!? as I said, I play this game since a very long time and this/that or whatever is not new or unknown
    it's how communism works, take everything from those who work hard and distribute it to everyone, but leave the worker with his jaw broken ;)

  3. Yes, you have your opinion and I have mine,thats right.
    I only want to post this to show that there are people who didn't think like you.
    I give you right that credit premium muni for random battles are very bad but like in the video,thats a test.When the test seems to fail,they take this option out.When you mean the whole premium muni,then we can't hope that they take it out.

    1. it's not a test anymore
      the video covers some "old" aspects of the game that are already known about

      the devs stated on the RU forums that gold ammo is here to stay
      they are also thinking the possibility to add the premium consumables for Cr too

      also! a test is conducted on the public test server not on the live server where people spent their money
      if WG wanted to do this professionaly, they would've done that ... but they didn't; so they are testing stuff on our own money, and we don't have a saying in the matter

      this is how WG operates

  4. I didn't say that about gold ammo,I say this about credit gold ammo and to make a test for this on a live server is much better than on a public test server.Sometimes options must be tested for a long time like the credit gold ammo to get a result.

    It would be better when you give me the link for the "gold ammo is here to stay".
    I can read it because i have a russian friend.

    They didn't testing stuff on our own money,because you have to pay with credits,not with real money.When you invested real money for premium accs or premium money and consumables its your fault(I dont know if you do that,I can't say this),otherwise they can't test it only for 3 weeks and the most people cant wait for it 3 month.

    That we don't have a saying in the matter isn't really true.
    There are some examples like the events.
    WG asked at the beginning the EU players if they want more events then extensive one.
    The most EU players said that they want more events.
    It's an example for this.

    1. check this thread: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/164377-developer-qa-the-russian-answers/

      yeah they do test this on our own money because:
      - we play the game, that's electricity bill, internet bill
      - many have premium accounts and whatnot
      and we all weren't ask if we're OK with this - they decided for us

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  6. Please upload latest video related to Ammo