Thursday, November 8, 2012

[UPDATE] WoT 0.8.2 - changes

There are few rumors circling around that WG will announce tomorrow the next update, 0.8.2.

Here are the some changes to expect:

Tech Tree

  • distance between tanks decreased, will now be able to fit on one screen at HD resolution
  • link "Back to tech tree" replaced with button with nation's flag
  • will now be able to see how much experience/credits needed to unlock/buy next tank


  • fixed some conditions in the render that will increase FPS in sniper view, as well as on any map with lots of trees
  • improve performance of South Beach and Highway


  • fixed a bug that affected entering and exiting sniper mode (editor: unclear translation)
  • rocking back and forward when hanging on a thin obstacle (railway for example) has been reduced


  • account for fallen trees in the visibility scheme (editor: fallen trees will offer cover?)


  • fixed couple bugs related to round disappearing after penetrating spaced armor


  • destroyed modules will now show an indicator with time left until they are repaired.

Also thanks to Sturmtiger_304, from EU forums, for most of the translation.

[edit 08/11/2012]

Introducing the Chinese branch of tanks:

  • Light tanks: Renault NC-31, Vickers Mk.E Type B/T26, M5, 59-16, WZ131, WZ132
  • Medium tanks: Type 97 Chi-Ha, T-34, Type 58, T-34-1, T-34-2, Type 59 (WZ-120), 121
  • Heavy tanks: IS-2, 110 (IS-2U), 111 1/2/3, 111 4/5

New tanks in the US tree line:

  • Light tanks: T21, T71
  • Medium tanks: T69, T54E1
  • Heavy Tank: T57

New premium tanks:

  • French heavy tank tier8 - FCM 50
  • British heavy tank tier6 TOG II
  • British tank destroyer tier7 AT-15A

Maps that got a redesign:

  • Prokhorovka
  • Redshire
  • Erlenberg
  • Ruinberg

Source: WoT RU portal

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