Thursday, November 8, 2012

HAWKEN - CBT stage 2 patch notes

As I mentioned in a previous post, stage 2 of the Closed BETA testing will soon start (today!).
The servers will open today around 20:00PM GMT and will be closed next week, on the 13th, at 19:59PM (GMT).
If you participated in Closed Beta Event 1, you're all set and do not need to uninstall or download again. The launcher should update the game and you'll be able to join as soon as we're live.

Meteor has released the patch notes for this build:

New Features
  • The amount of HAWKEN Points (HP) awarded to players at the end of a match has been doubled. Now your battles will twice as sweet
  • Fire ze missiles! The Sahara map now features Missile Assault mode
  • Your mech’s armor points are now visible on the HUD while repairing, using turret abilities, or using sabot rifle’s zoom mode. Know when it’s time to flee!
  • Leveling up your mech is now on a curve. The amount of Experience Points (XP) required to reach the next level progressively increases
  • We now have a Game Chat window in pre-match, the escape menu, and in the post-match screen. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves
  • Do you hear that? We’ve added new sound effects for your listening pleasure
  • The refresh rate cap has been increased from 60Hz to 120Hz

Bugs Squashed
  • HAWKEN Points (HP) are now properly awarded for each match.
  • We found and killed the bug that would crash the game at the post-match results screen.
  • Key bindings are binding. They no longer reset after patching.
  • Audio and video settings are no longer reset after patching.
  • Friend requests are no longer sent in duplicates. They heard you the first time.
  • The settings screen no longer locks up at the post-match result screen.
  • Your newly purchased mech parts are now immediately equipped. You’re good to go.
  • The user interface will no longer disappear after ALT-TABbing.
  • Changing scale and saturation in the Paint Shop no longer clears your paint job. Paint ‘em up

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