Wednesday, November 14, 2012

MWO - 3rd person view ?!

In a recent podcast at No Guts No Galaxy, Russ Bullock said the 3rd person camera is coming to the game.
You can listen to the podcast here, jump to around time index 0h22m.

What he's basically saying it's that new players have a hard time adapting to the concept of torso and for PGI to tone down the learning curve, they decided to implement a 3rd person camera to the game. This is not exactly news because talks about this 3rd person camera emerged back in CBT, back then it wasn't clear if toy'll do it or not.
Also he talks about the possibility of matching against players who use same view settings, meaning you can play with and against players who use only 1st person, or a mix of both.
How exactly will this be implemented is unknown at this point.

Speaking for myself, I have mixed feelings about this issue.
At some point I really wanted to have a 3rd person view that would show me a wider field of view, because clearly it's an advantage and gives you the possibility to see what's and who's around you and where and not be limited by the max torso twist lock.
But then again, the most advantage it would give to the light scout mechs, they would have a blast navigating the map in this mode and cruise through enemy mechs.

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