Friday, November 16, 2012

MWO - small guide to mech XP trees

I saw quite a few people having trouble understanding how the mech Xp tree works. I had my own questions at the begging, but reading the forums helped a lot. So I'm putting this small guide together to help you understand (hopefully :) ).

1st things 1st
trial mechs do not earn Xp! not mech Xp, nor GXP (a.k.a. global Xp); at this point they only serve one purpose - earn C-Bills.

One more thing: the units in MWO are split into mechs , mech variants (also known as chassis variant of the same mech) and classes (light, medium, heavy and finally assault). More information here.

The only mechs that earn Xp and GXP are the ones you bought and own. At this time I do not know the percentage of how much of the earned Xp at the end of the match is converted into GXP.

Ok .. let's begin. The mech Xp trees are divided into basic, elite and master:

Now, for unlocking the elite tree you will need to unlock the basic tree on 3 chassis variants of the same mech.
Take for example the Atlas (because I like playing it):

currently I own only 2 of the 4 chassis variants of this mech. And, as you can see in the screenshot below, I only unlocked one variant (working on the 2nd).
Once the master tree is unlocked, it will double the efficiency of the basic tree skills on the chassis you own(!).

For unlocking the master, you will need to unlock 3 elite mechs from the same class. It does not have to be the same mech(!), this gives you the ability to mix it up a bit; it can be 2 Atlases and one Awesome. Hope this is understandable.

Note: Mastering, like basic and elite, is done per mech variant, mastering one mech variant will unlock a module slot.

After unlocking the master tree you can now proceed to unlocking the pilot module for your owed mech variant, and they require GXP (only !).

Note: you must keep 3 elite variants in order to receive your mastery module slot. If you sell a variant,even a mastered one, it will still allow you to research mastery on the remaining variants but you will NOT receive the actual module slot. This is an issue currently being investigated by PGI.

I somehow I didn't made it clear enough, please ask, or head to this forum topic.
Also, if you spotted an error, do not hesitate to notify. Thank you!

17 nov - added a note on master


  1. 3 things, you use unlock way too often and also use it for "unlock the level to be able to skill it" and "fully skill it" .. which is two different things.. for example if you get 3 variants of a single chassis it unlocks elite skills as in being able to grind them from them.. also it doubles basics.. but it doesnt unlock master if you dont have 3 variants elited 4/4 ...

    also elite doubles your basic efficiencies.. master does nothing but give you a module slot

    and master is best done one a single chassis cause if you want to do it for example on one cicada, one centurion and one hunchback you have to have 9 fully elited variants..

    english is not my native language.. so i have a hard time explaining this xD

  2. now i fucked up myself.. you have to have 9 fully basic variants and 3 of them fully elited *sigh*

  3. english is not my native also
    sorry but I didn't understand what U'r trying to say ...

  4. the main thing i wanted to say is you only have to unlock elite (0/4 is enough) to double basics.. but you wrote master.. master does nothing except add a slot..

    1. the mastering is still there, so I wrote about it
      even if does only add a slot

  5. Once the master tree is unlocked, it will double the efficiency of the basic tree skills on the chassis you own(!). <-- but this is your sentence and it is wrong or at least i understand it wrong :D