Tuesday, October 16, 2012

WoT vs me

Well, the day has come, I play WoT since July 2011 and 23 hours from now, my premium account will expire, along with that will also expire my will to play World of Tanks.
I'm done!

For more than 2 years I hoped the developing team, and especially the community coordinators responsible for communicating with the players, would actually get off their asses and do some community work; and I'm talking about the WoT EU team ... no dice.

It started with overlod .. I noticed thing weren't quite right when he told us, during the closed beta, that we the EU beta testers weren't actually testing anything, we were there so no specific reason.
I've been a BETA tester for many other games and we had tasks to perform, specific bugs to hunt for, in WoT CBT we did none of that.
Now that overlod has heft WoT and joined WoWp, god what a junk of a game WoWp is .. but about this some other time, I'm under NDA; the job of community coordinator has been handed to ectar, another "character" who has absolutely no clue about how WoT works, just look at the posts he makes and U'll understand.

Why I'm quitting?!!? ... well, I'm sick and tired of wasting money on a company that treats us, customers, like dirt.
The latest example can be found in the thread created because of the Sunday 30th of September downtime, the thread created by customers, asking for 1 day of premium account back was met with disrespect from the support team and eventually closed, because the "thread ran it's course" .. what the fuck is that supposed to mean?! link

Their "new" idea of letting players buy gold ammo for credits, although stupid and imbecile, I really hope they go trough with it; it mostly mean the end of WoT and I can't wait to stand here laughing my ass off.

May sound like rumbling, and maybe it is, I'm just typing anything that rumbles through my mind right now.

Gajin, the competition, in case you did not know about them, is very close to enter open BETA with WarThunder, a multiplayer experience that promises air warfare, naval warfare and tank warfare in one single package. Go check it out: link
One single beef I have with Gaijin as developer, they behave the same way WarGaming did when the game was in closed beta, the same soviet mentality applied then and it's true for Gaijin. You try to talk to them, to raise some issues and in return you get hit with a stone wall, silence, nothing, not even "fuck you dear closed beta tester" .. nothing.

There is also MechWarrior OnLine, a game that will mostly appeal to old MechWarrior series fans and BattleTech universe fans. For everyone else will be a hard step to climb, for the non-initiates in the intricacies of a mech, fitting it, balancing the firepower and heat management will be a big hurdle that many won't pass. I will dare to say the mech fitting is as complicated as the ship fitting in EvE OnLine is.
About a week ago, Piranha announced that MWO will enter open BETA today, the 16th .. well, not gonna happen since it was discovered that the server has major issues with lag and there are also issues with the client that need fixing, so the open BETA was delayed until further notice.
Piranha, yet another example of a developer who does not listen to their testers or they do it too late, ending up costing them. The CBTs have continuously warned Piranha that MWO was (still is) not ready to go open BETA in the current state, but they're pushing it, most like for financial reasons.
It is known that a lot of founders reimbursed their founder packages after getting fed up with the dev team. I do not blame them at all. Since BF3 I decided that I will not spend another dime for an unfinished product, ever.

Saying all of this, I also decided to change the name of the blog, since I won't be covering WoT especially from now on. I will also cover MWO, WarThunder (as NDA will allow me), WoWp (NDA here too) and maybe other multiplayer games; maybe Hawken too, but currently the game has ended it's ALPHA2 stage, so it's premature.

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  1. cu in mwo \o_ i am sure that game will develop in a way better direction