Tuesday, October 30, 2012

So .. MechWarrior OnLine launched

Yes, I said launch; although Piranga and IGP will claim 'Open BETA' there are 2 facts that support the actual release of the game:

  1. there will be no more database wipes
  2. IGP/PGI are accepting cash payments for MC purchases

The MWO 'open beta' launch was the most idiotic and rushed I ever saw a game company do, ever.
If the game tanks after few months I won't cry over it one bit, I have spent no $ and I will not spend money ever again on a BETA product after WoT and BF3.

The community raised the MM issue for a very very long time as the games was in CBT and Piranha did nothing, well they did laid out a plan on how MM would look like but actually implementing it in the game ... nope.

Before the launch and whatnot I had the impression that they will also patch the game to correct the overgrown repair bills and the junk that still is the Mech Lab - the patch on the 29th was non-existent. Maybe the patch that is planned for today will solve some of the issues, hopefully.

Will MWO hit rock bottom, or it will survive? either way, I blame the founders who let Piranha run wild and do things to the franchise none did before them.
The founders, instead of voicing concerns and push Piranha into addressing them, they praised the game and give them a free hand.

Piranha also bluntly lied to their community and to their potential customers that the game would not offer premium (for $) tactical advantage, the YEN-LO-WANG does exactly that - pay2win, you bet your ass.
To make matter worse, they removed the chassis of the similar mech from the game, claiming it was nothing more that an test bed for the premium mech - this is a lot like WarGaming did with the PZ4, took it out of the game and made it a premium tank.

I advise you to not spend cash on the game unless you feel that your purchase is warranted.

Even with it's faults I will still try and play MWO, I desperately need a distraction from WoT.

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