Friday, October 26, 2012

MWO after yesterday's patch

After the utter failure of delaying this patch 3 days, Piranha finally deployed it - one step closer to the OPEN BETA.

With this patch, they wiped out the mech bays and returned the founder's mechs, the XP gained from 18th of September and 75% of the C-Bills earned since same day. It's good, I actually had the chance to by my 1st Atlas and have a go with it. I like how it plays, you actually feel like a fucking killing machine and not the meat in the grinder.

The ugly part of this patch .. they went nuts and did something people are hating them for.
1st of all, they split the Mech Lab into 4 sub-sections:

  • Loadout - you customize your mech's weapon loadout

  • Modules - you purchase and equip extra command modules that give speciffic bonuses or abilities

  • Upgrades - you upgrade your mech's internal structure, armor and heat sinks

  • Visual customization - change paint scheme, buy cockpit decorations

I don't see the problem you may ask, the problem is that every time you switch from one section to another, you have to save the config, thus paying C-Bills. The problem is that you're unable to see how all fits with Endo-Steel, Ferro Fibrous Armor and Double HeatSinks versus a standard config - you have to waste C-Bills. I'm not happy about this and others aren't also.
One other thing ... you have to pay again when switching from an upgrade to a standard structure vs Endo-Steel (for example) you think you already own it, the fact is you don't!

They've put out for sale their 1st premium mech, the YEN-LO-WANG hero mech

based on a customized Centurion chassis, and offers a 30% C-Bill income boost.

The ugly thing about this is they broke a promise of theirs, they said they won't offer exclusive premium content (namely weapons and mechs).
Although this mech is not better than his chassis brothers (there are some reports saying this mech have some special abbilites that the standard chassis versions do not have), it's the 1st drop towards pay-to-win content. I'm not happy about this one bit!
And there's the cost of it, 30USD, doesn't even come with it's own bay slot(!). Man, I pay less for my monthly internet bill (and includes fiber link 100Mbps internet connection, cable TV and phone services).

What were they thinking!?


  1. The Yen Lo Wang is more like 11-13 Dollar.. not 30.. BUT it has values no other mech has (faster torso twist, faster acceleration, faster turn speed) and therefor i have to agree.. they lied :(

    this is step #1 to p2w.. even when the yen lo wang may still suck we could get a hero atlas (samsonov) that is better than every other assault in future :/


    1. yes, it does cost 3750MC, but! the MC buy packs are: 1250(6.95$), 3000(14.95$), 6500(29.95$)
      you can't buy 3750MC, U can't buy 4000MC either, so you can only buy a 1250+3000 packages or a straight 6500
      and it doesn't come with a mech lab slot, so that's another 300MC

      as for the only reader, no .. not really, maybe the only subscriber :)

  2. also.. am i your only reader? :P