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MWO's BattleMech #17 - Highlander

Yesterday, Piranha announced the 17th battlemech that will be introduced in the MechWarrior Online game, the Highlander. Link

concept art
According to the BattleTech, the Highlander, is an assault mech. Thus in the same category as the Atlas and the Awesome.
The Highlander is a 90ton mech, built by StarCorps Industries and entered service in 2592 and it was designed as a dedicated city and installation defender.

Tech specs

Mass: 90 tons
Chassis: Star League XT
Armor: Grumman-3 Ferro-Fibrous with CASE
Engine: GM 270
Speed: 54.0 km/h
Jump Jets: HildCo Model 10
  • 2 x Medium Lasers
  • 1 x SRM-6
  • 1 x LRM-20
  • 1 x Gauss Rifle
BV (1.0): 1,838
BV (2.0): 2,227

Note: BV stands for battle value


  • HGN-694 - Introduced during the FedCom Civil War, this Highlander variant replaces the missiles, medium lasers, and jump jets with two Large Lasers and a Heavy Gauss Rifle. The M-7 Gauss Rifle remains in place. BV (2.0) = 2,358
  • HGN-732b - The 732b model is a upgrade of the classic 732 built exclusively for SLDF Royal units. This variant drops two heat sinks and a ton of SRM ammo. Artemis IV FCS is added to the LRM and SRM launcher, while the heat sinks are upgraded to doubles. Additional short-range firepower comes in the form of a medium laser added to the right torso. BV (2.0) = 2,335
  • HGN-733 - The 733 model is a downgrade of the Highlander, although it weathered the use of more primitive technology better than other SLDF designs. In place of the Gauss Rifle the 'Mech now carries an Mydron Class B Autocannon/10 while the rest of the Highlander's weapons have remained the same. The armor has also been upgraded by two tons, providing even more protection than the original 732 model. The speed profile of the Highlander maintains the original models maximum speed of 54.0 km/h. BV (1.0) = 1,424, BV (2.0) = 1,801
  • HGN-734 - The 734 Highlander emphasizes its role as an urban combat 'Mech, produced by the Lyran Alliance in the wake of the civil war. The Gauss Rifle has been replaced with a massive LB-X Autocannon/20, the medium lasers have been upgraded to ER Medium Lasers, the SRM-6 was upgraded to a streak version with another Streak SRM-6 launcher added, as well as an ER Large Laser. Upgrading the standard fusion engine to a new Light Engine and removing the LRM-20 launcher allowed these changes. BV (1.0) = 1,889, BV (2.0) = 2,214
  • HGN-736 - This ComStar version of the Highlander introduced in the lat 3050s has been upgraded to carry the improved C3 computer, as well as upgrading the LRM-20 with an Artemis IV fire control system and replacing the SRM-6 to a Streak SRM-4. This was accomplished by replacing the twelve single heat sinks of the 732 model with ten double heat sinks and by only using one ton of ammunition for the upgraded SRM launcher. BV (1.0) = 2,118, BV (2.0) = 2,255
  • HGN-738 - Another upgrade by the Lyran Alliance following the civil war, the 738's largest weapon is its Heavy Gauss Rifle. The long-range missile launcher is replaced with an LRM-15, though it is guided by an Artemis IV FCS, with an ER Large Laser providing additional long range firepower. Should an enemy unit close, the 738 can bring a pair of ER Medium Lasers and a Streak SRM-4 to bear. Though the 'Mech utilizes a standard fusion engine, the concentration of ammunition in one torso and the Gauss in the other make it extremely vulnerable to critical damage, even with the inclusion of CASE for the ammunition bins. BV (2.0) = 2,413
  • HGN-641-X-2 - This ComStar developed variant is equipped with a pair of Artemis IV-equipped MML-7 launchers with four tons of ammo. It keeps the Gauss Rifle of the standard Highlander and mounts a pair of ER Medium Lasers. CASE II systems protect the Gauss Rifle and missile ammunition from explosions. A C3 Slave unit allows the Highlander to share targeting data. Light Ferro-Fibrous armor and a Reinforced Structure provide protection from weapons fire. To make room for all the equipment, this Highlander uses an XL Engine and XL Gyro.
Custom Variants
  • HGN-732 Colleen - This version replaced the standard weaponry with an ER PPC, a prototype Streak SRM-6, twin Medium Pulse Lasers, and a pair of LRM-15 missile launchers. Fourteen double heat sinks keep everything cool. BV (2.0) = 2,127

Notable Pilots
Rhonda Snord, who commanded Snord's Irregulars after her father Cranston Snord retired, piloted a Highlander.
Davis McCall of the Gray Death Legion found the plans for the Highlander in the Helm Memory Core and put every cent he could find into building a Highlander for himself to replace his Rifleman that had been destroyed in the fighting on Helm.

Source for data: BattleTech Wiki

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