Friday, July 5, 2013

World of Warships trailer angers players in South Korea

Source: Kotaku

At the recent E3 event, showed their latest game in development, World of Warships. Although gameplay was shown only behind closed doors, they did release a cinematic trailer.
Head here if you didn't saw the trailer.

It was the appearance of the Imperial Japanese Navy's flag who angered the people.
Even if the flag is still the official ensign of the Japanese Navy today, 40000 signatures were gathered in a petition aimed at WarGaming to remove the said flag.

WarGaming replied:
We will be removing the Rising Sun flag from the game in the futureThere has been quite a bit of discussion recently regarding this sensitive topic and I hope this clears some of the confusion
As for release outside the "trouble" region(s), WarGaming stated that they will keep the flag for the US and EU releases based on the rationale that the Imperial Japanese Navy flag is not outlawed in those regions, like the swastika is in some places in Europe and Latin America.


  1. wow this is new but I wonder would they do the same to the Japanese server.

  2. I do not know
    last I heard, there should be a dedicated server for Japan up by now, for both WoT and WoWp

  3. Korea has their own server, why not just remove it for Korean clients?