Friday, July 19, 2013

World of Warplanes - WarGaming fix your game

WoWp went from ALPHA, to closed BETA and now to open BETA. I am one of the Alpha testers of this game, since December 2011, so yeah ... I've seen it all

WG put plugs in their ears and ignored most of the feedback submitted in the testing phases. If you recall, I mentioned WoWp has input lag: - that issue is still not solved

One other issue that affects a lot of WoWp players/testers is the drop in framerate during dogfights. The discussions on this matter are locked in a section of the forums available only to certain testers, so I won't link it.
Anyways, this is what to expect when playing WoWp:

huge framerate issues, framerate drops at moments to 3 FPS (!!!) and that's at low settings:

WarGaming, fix this junk you call "game".

[Update 01 August ]

IL-2 firing / no firing framerate test while passing over a enemy target:

as you can see, opening fire (3rd pass) made little to no difference compared to just flying over the enemy target without opening fire (1st and 2nd pass)
in 4th and final pass, I destroyed the target and you can also see a slightly significant increase in framerate.

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