Tuesday, July 9, 2013

WoT 0.8.7 - press release and british arty screens

[Press release]

British Artillery To Enter The Fray In World of Tanks Update 0.8.7

New Line of Self-Propelled Guns Preps For Battle

July 9, 2013 — Wargaming, the leading free-to-play MMO developer and publisher, today announced details of Update 0.8.7 for its MMO action game, World of Tanks.
Mike Zhivets, World of Tanks Producer said:
The core of Version 0.8.7 is the new British SPG branch.The upcoming expansion features several stand out models that are likely to catch on with the masses and spice up the overall artillery gameplay.

In Update 0.8.7, the new branch of British self-propelled guns will take to the field of battle, including a number of iconic and well-known vehicles. Mid-tier entrants include the Sexton, Bishop and the Crusader. The higher-tier entries for the British line will include a number of post-war prototypes, once again granting players the chance to climb into the hatches of some truly powerful vehicles that never saw actual combat. The Conqueror Gun Carriage experimental vehicle will top the new SPG line.

Other additions in Update 0.8.7 include a brand new map, Belogorsk-19, a chilling and unforgiving Russian winter landscape, as well as one tier change for the Soviet line.

The Tier 5 Soviet light tank T-50-2 will be replaced by the MT-25, a visually unique light tank known for his high rate of acceleration and surprisingly powerful gun.

New map: Belogorsk-19

Loyd gun carriage


Birch gun



Crusader 5.5 inch



Conqueror gun carriage

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