Wednesday, May 1, 2013

SWtoR - guild bank for free players

Recently I got in a guild, guild mates helped me buy some stuff (Cartel Market unlocks) from GTN , so I thought I'd buy a unlock for guild bank since free players and preferred account owners do not have access to it by default.

Said and done, bought the darn thing because my wallet was nearing the capacity limit only to discover this:

I'm facepalming myself for an useless unlock. I cannot use the guild bank for other than put in or withdraw items ... what the fuck BioWare!?!?!
Useless is useless, I bought the darn thing only for the ability to put in credits, so I can pay back my guildies when they help me in the future with other Cartel Market unlocks

Piece of advice .. DO NOT (!!) buy [Unlock: Guild Bank Access]

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