Wednesday, May 1, 2013

NeverWinter Online - does it worth it?

Frankly, I do not know.

The game "soft launched" yesterday - meaning it supports real cash payments from the players although Cryptic it's calling it a "BETA". Go figure ...

The reason I do not know it's because Cryptic, as usual, fucked up. At launch, the game's own launcher did not work, and this wasn't limited to NeverWinter, it spread to all of Cryptic's games .. yep all of them! After they  kinda' fixed that, the people that god in faced major rubber banding and ping in the thousands of milliseconds  yes, you read it right ... 1000+ ms ping.
They fixed that by limiting the number of active players on the servers, that caused major queues of well over 5000 players:

that ^ is no bug, there are literally over 8000 players waiting in queue.

At 14:00 UTC, today, there will be a 6 hour maintenance that hopefully will fix some of these issues, and also hopefully people will be allowed to play.

I did managed to rank up few hours of gameplay last night, reached level 11, I think, but I can't tell you much of it. It feels generic, but not in a bad way, so far. There are a few issues I can't get my head wrapped around, maybe there is a min lvl limit for entering a queue for party quest!? In STO it's pretty straight forward, in NeverWinter, not so much.

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