Monday, May 13, 2013

NeverWinter OnLine - the path so far

About 2 weeks back NWO "soft launched" it's "open BETA" stage. I looked like an interest in the game and started playing it. Until few days ago ..
So .. what happened? I finally reached lvl30 with my elf guardian fighter (basically it's a tank) and I got bored. Yes, I got bored with the game.

The game doesn't stand out, doesn't make you want to get back to it. I'm basically playing grinding to get "astral diamonds" because everything revolves around them, training your companions, getting more companions, getting mounts, getting identify scrolls, getting gear. Getting a better grade companion, for example, means you have to grind for a very very long time, the prices are exorbitant. The short-cut would be to take your wallet out and buy it from cash shop.

What do I like about the game:
  • the combat mechanics, as Cryptic described them, they are very action oriented - they are simple and to the point, it doesn't throw a bunch of action bars in front and dazzles you with numerous skills, compared for example with SWToR
  • the PvP, I do like the PvP in this game; it shows that Cryptic learned a lot of the failure the PvP in STO is and made it way better for NeverWinter, you still have to weight in the human factor, but it's engaging
  • the "skirmish" and "dungeon" events - queue for a party and there you go, group PvE at your fingertips; the "skirmish" are more like quick in, quick out, compared to the "dungeons" that can stretch to 40-60 minutes in length and varies on the group performance (and it can go sideways fast at the final boss) - they are tricky

What I do not like:
  • the inventory system - it's a mess! you have a limited amount of space and you will be forced to make trips to town to sell/auction unwanted items in the inventory; also not helping is the fact that quest items do not go into a separate "bag", they're stored with the rest
  • the grind
  • lack of explanation on many aspects of the game, not even the wiki is helpful in some situations
  • too many items! armor, weapons, runes, scrolls, altars, potions, crafting mats, badges and whatnot - they take a lot of inventory space and many of which you need with you at all times
  • the story, the lore and the quests - they are generic, forgettable ... to this day I do not know why/who/for what purpose I'm fighting; I played through 30 levels worth of quests and if someone asks me if I remember any of it, I would have to say: "I don't"
I'm fighting orcs, trolls, wizards  undead, necromancers  dragons, skeletons and whatnot and I have no clue why am I doing it. Just because they need to be dead!?

So, today I will unistall NeverWinter OnLine with the hope that someday it will grow and learn from the mistakes they've made. Hopefully ...

zMeul - elf guardian fighter lvl30 on Beholder server - retired

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