Tuesday, February 12, 2013

World of WarPlanes update 0.4.0

I didn't particulary liked the direction WoWp was heading ever since the early stages of ALPHA testing, I made my voice heard and continued to do so with almost every patch iteration.
Of course, due to NDA, I cannot post in-game pictures of the project nor can I talk specifics.

In the end, at least on the screen, looks like the competition with Gaijin's WarThunder has payed off and WarGaming put their collective asses in gear and come up with a new patch, 0.4.0.
Not much to tell about this new version, except it will introduce a new render, new flight models and most essentially - a new mouse control scheme.
The "old one" was completely dreadful and was the main reason I turned to WarThunder.
We shall see if WarGaming did do their job, ETA on 0.4.0 .. soon ™.

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